Vessels Jewelry Art Show at Pounderosa South in NOLA

My first Jewel Art Show in New Orleans on Saturday.

I've had trunk shows in New Orleans before but this, it was a bit different.

It was a moment in time saturated in and with art. An artistic space with walls adorning works of pure creativity, storytelling, and imagination larger than life. 

Then the women arrived.

These women were absolutely Regal Queens.
In fact, someone commented that it was so nice being surrounded by so many fancy women in such a beautiful space and energy.

The women who walked up the steps were walking beings of art with great stories to share and such beauty.

They came to see art that they could adorn themselves with.
These pieces were created just for them.

Pieces of work that could support their story of their divinity, magnificence, originality, and beauty.

They left with pieces that confidently reflected their boldness crafted with intentions of joy an authentic living.

I believe the perfect pieces for them were calling their name. 

And so it was.....
Great conversations, laughter, beautifully dressed
women and men, smiles, delicious hazelnut fudge,
cheese straws that carried hints of basil, a little girl full of joy,
excitement of new connections,
excitement of wearing that piece

of art that was calling their name, 
and appreciation for art
created just for them.

And to think....I thought about giving up last week. A serious thought this was.
 I was planning on letting go of a passion.
I even sent out a newsletter.
I was ready to get the hell out of here.
It was a challenge that I wasn't sure if I wanted to experience any longer.

After feeling the appreciation of what I've described above.....
....I quickly let that fear and whining go.

How selfish would that be to take away an opportunity for people to get together and have a moment of joy, happiness, laughter, and meet a new friend.

Knowing that I am that vessel that allows beauty and creativity to flow through me
to allow others to experience joy is a blessing.
I'm in the right place. 

Below are just a few snapshots of beautiful women sharing stories amongst art.

Vessels was curated by CCH Pounder,
Nosh by Chef Frank Roman.


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