Architecture tempered by art.

Douriean is an ever-evolving woman unafraid to take risks and push boundaries. A daughter of the diaspora, Douriean has traveled throughout Tanzania and South Africa to learn, collaborate and grow as an artist and a person. She uses jewelry and costume to help tell her story in spite of language barriers; and has found that the experience of shared creativity facilitates deep connections to self and other.

Her studies in South Africa (2008) initiated her journey of wearable art and offered a new lens for life. Douriean's immediate and primary passion is her commitment to supporting women in revealing their beauty by telling their stories through her work. She uses the original purpose of jewelry, a non-verbal communication tool to tell others who we are, believing it is needed now more than ever.

She creates wearable art because she believes that through dress and adornment women can define their beauty on their own terms and express themselves authentically. Her pieces are the unique products of her creative process in which she explores cultural identity, femininity, spirituality and divine power. 

Douriean has blazed new trails by following her passion. She was recently inducted as the first jeweler in the Motion Picture Costumer Union. She is also the specialty jeweler on the upcoming Marvel movie, Black Panther. Her in-demand designs have been featured in Essence Magazine and on the television mini-series, Roots. Her celebrity following includes a who's who of award-winning A-listers.