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Step into a moment in the life of adornment artist and Oscar Award winning team member Douriean and have the opportunity to create your own personalized adornment piece. At this creative workshop, Douriean will introduce you to the ancient art of metallurgy and share the techniques to shape the material to your will and bring vision to the tangible realm. You will be guided through her creative process in a simulated environment that she has created award winning, visually impactful works in and be able to use it as a framework to develop your own artistic pathway for creating. No experience is needed to participate in this 3 hour, exploratory metalsmithing class.

This course is a great opportunity for corporate teams to practice and exercise team building skills as well.


Participants will be able to choose from two courses: 

  • Sculpt Your Own Symbol 

  • Learn How to Solder


A $400 fee will cover all materials and include a step-by-step jewelry guide. Light refreshments will be provided. 


Fill out our inquiry form below and schedule a call for your next Adornment Workshop.

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