the messengers

We have arrived as a reminder.
We have come from the moment in time and space of Your Origin...but an existence that you may have yet to experience.

We want you to Remember.

We have come from a place where you are existentially precious and more valuable than who you think you are and your current circumstances.
We have come from a timeless realm where your frequency is your currency and your life becomes the soundtrack for your world and your offspring to dance to. Your melanin is encoded with the elixir of eternal life.

we want you to remember

We are expressions of Universal Ecstasy. Sensuality explodes through our pores as we create the best, most dynamic music with this voice we call life.

We have come here to remind you of this.

We understand it has been difficult to remember a life so blissful when this condensed reality you now know as life has excavated your mind and has replaced your authenticity with fear, doubt, and frankly, someone else's song that you were taught was yours to play.

we have come here to remind you...

We have ascended from a space of energy and vibration that can create worlds. We embody beauty, strength, creativity, love, and undeniable focus. Our existence is solely to celebrate and express these things.

We are Creators.
Dear, most powerful being in the Cosmos,

We are You.