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As a part of our Ancestral Whispers collection, "Awareness" Vermeil Earrings emerge as a compelling embodiment of ancestral connections and inner consciousness.


Crafted with the utmost care, each pair of "Awareness" Earrings stands as a symbol of honoring those who came before us. Representing the still voice of ancestral guidance, these earrings are a silent reminder of the ancestral support that lies within our consciousness.


Embedded in vermeil – a fusion of precious metal and gold – each pair is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring the embodiment of artistry and intention. While the designs share a common essence, each creation is beautifully distinct.


In tribute to the sacred bond with your roots, "Awareness" Earrings are available in limited quantities, making each pair even more special. To further authenticate the significance of your adornment, a certificate of authentication accompanies every purchase, affirming the genuine origin of your "Awareness" Earrings.


Embrace the subtlety of ancestral whispers, embrace the profound depth of your own awareness. Create a ritual ofawareness when adorning yourself with our earrings.


Unlock the whispers, amplify your awareness.


Dimensions: 8.5cm x3cm

Materials: 18k Vermeil with gold filled ear clasps


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