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Rings of Vision Inc 
Empowering Women Through Creative Arts:
Building Legacies, Creating Change.

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Rings of Vision is a transformative Creative and Cultural Initiative centered around providing a platform for women of the African Diaspora to collectively envision, share, and create through a transformative outlet by integrating practices to support mental, physical, and spiritual health into the artistic process. Our objective is to create meaningful and integrative art that illuminates, and celebrates the diverse stories shared. Rings of Vision seeks to empower and uplift through the medium of a captivating documentary and immersive exhibits that showcase the rich tapestry of art and storytelling from the perspective of the women we engage with. 

Our commitment extends beyond the immediate impact of our projects. We strive to create tangible artifacts that will stand as testaments to our existence in the years to come, establishing a legacy that reflects the unique experiences and contributions of women of color. Through our dedication to creative expression, skill-building, and community collaboration, we aim to empower, uplift, and leave a lasting mark on both local and global scales.
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