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Adornments for Icons and Iconoclasts:
Jewelry crafted by a two-time Academy Award-winning artist. 

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Be daring. Be different. Be unforgettable.

Douriean Fletcher is crafting a limited edition, exclusive collection that will soon be available. Each piece embodies her signature blend of ancient and futuristic aesthetics, showcasing unparalleled artistry and vision.

Explore her current bespoke collection, available for purchase at Bergdorf Goodman through The Kaleidoscope Project. To inquire about purchasing, please contact us or speak with a Bergdorf Goodman associate, 7th floor.

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You can also explore her prints of the
Messengers Collection below.

Indulge in the extraordinary and elevate your
adornment experience with Douriean .

Elevate Your Space:
Experience The Messengers Collection Prints

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