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Douriean Fletcher is a multidisciplinary artist who specializes in metallurgy in combination with precious gems and stones, beads, feathers, shell, and much more. Her practice exists at the intersection of aesthetics and spirituality as she uses her talents to reconnect with her roots and channel her higher self. She fabricates pieces that root and reimagine us according to our shared ancestral and cultural traditions of utilizing adornments as an instrument of self empowerment and communication.

Douriean began her journey of jewelry making by happenstance; she observed someone else using wirework and decided to attempt the task herself and sell her pieces as an additional revenue stream. A passion and appreciation for adornment germinated and took root within Douriean and she fostered that passion into a thriving career. She relocated from her hometown of Pasadena, CA to one of the art hubs of the world, known as New Orleans.

During her time in the New Orleans, Douriean laid the foundation for where she is now by selling at festivals, art markets, community events, and doing a brief stint teaching jewelry making to children and youth. From there she refined her skillset, explored other forms of fabrication, and eventually found herself working for major productions such as: Roots, The Black Panther, Coming to America, and Wakanda Forever. Along this road, Douriean has had the opportunity to achieve something historically unique as she is the first jeweler in the customer’s union, Local 705, and has set the bar for jewelers who come after her.

Now, Douriean aims to answer the question of where Black Americans, and specifically Black women, fit within the narrative of self-adornment and how it relates and connects to other cultures across space and time. She hopes to be an inspiration to other Black women and to garner an environment that promotes community and self-adoration. Through her work, she invites women to envision themselves as deities of our era and of the future.

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