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Douriean Fletcher is an Adornment Fine Artist currently residing in Atlanta, GA. Her work serves as a constant dialogue about the intersection of history, culture, spirituality, and identity. The primary materials Douriean uses are Gold, brass, and copper, semi precious and precious stones. She is also committed to using what the work calls for which can be beads, hemp, and other natural materials.

Her understanding of adornments come from her travels to South Africa, and other countries that have informed her on the functional aspects of adornments and the stories they communicate, curiosity of how to convey functional jewelry in a modern society aside from European cultural norms, passion, and skill. This has allowed her to consult, teach, and create adornments for iconic characters in major films such as Black Panther, Coming2America, and Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever.

Born of African and Indigenous American lineage with the modern Western society, Douriean’s current work addresses her curiosity of the purpose of ancient and traditional jewelry making and adornments in a modern world.

Douriean enjoys teaching youth, speaking to youth and women about the power of their creative ability. She is currently producing a collaborative project with women’s groups around the world.

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