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Douriean Fletcher is an ever-evolving artist that creates sacred adornments with high intentions. She uses the original purpose of jewelry: a non-verbal communication tool to tell others who we are and how we feel. Her pieces are the unique products of her creative process in which she explores cultural identity, femininity, spirituality, and divine power. Through adornment, she believes women can define beauty on their own terms and express themselves authentically. She is committed to supporting women by revealing and sharing who they are through the storytelling in her one-of-a kind pieces.

Fletcher is a risk-taker and pushes boundaries toward creating the finest and most unique, wearable art pieces. She has drawn inspiration from her exploration through Tanzania and South Africa, which opened her up to a world of imaginative space for collaboration and growth as an artist and person. She found the experience of shared creativity facilitated deep connections to herself and others.

While working on Ruth E. Carter’s crew for Black Panther (2018), she made history by becoming the first jeweler in the Motion Picture Costumer Union, Local 705. In addition to Black Panther, her work has appeared on network television and in feature films.

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